Thursday, 12 November 2009

Spanish Army in 1641

At the siege of Aire-sur-Lys by Pierre Snayers. Sorry it's the only version of this picture I have...if any of you know of a colour version?
It's one of my favourite depictions of an army on campaign, though its hard to pick out detail from this version.


Stephanos de Chios said...

Here are all the Snayers of the Prado museum ![regs]=10&tx_obras[old]=YTozOntzOjM6ImFkdiI7czoxOiIwIjtzOjg6ImNyaXRlcmlvIjtzOjE6IjEiO3M6Njoic3RyaW5nIjtzOjc6IlNuYXllcnMiO30%3D&cHash=c9ff771371

Raia said...

Thank you Stephanos de Chios for your link very much!!!! I sought it everywhere!