Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Coldstream Guard Grenadier 'Draw Your Dagger'

It's been a while since I did some 'artwork' for this blog, so here's today's offering - a grenadier of the Coldstream Guards from the late 1670s. I've no idea how correct this is...call it a work in progress. The bayonet is based on a simple type, but I haven't really researched this yet.

I have this reference which maybe makes me think the first plug bayonets were like the one illustrated.
James Duke of Monmouth, &c.
These are to require you, out of such monies as are or shall come to your hands, to pay unto John Gibbons, or whom hee shall appoint, the summe of eight pounds eight shillings, the same being due to Phillip Russell, as of his Majesties gracious bounty to him for. his invention of a new sort of Bayonett. And for soe doing, this, together with the acquittance of the said John Gibbons, or his assignee, confessing the receipt thereof, shall be your warrant and discharge. Given under my hand the 15th day of November, 1678.

Monmouth. To Lemuel! Kiugdon, Esqr

The pose is based on the order from Monmouth's Drill Book published by Caliver Books which is a reprint of the Abridgement of the Military Discipline by Monmouth from 1675.
Cast (your musket) to the left - then they are to lay their right hand on their dagger
Draw your dagger - holding it fast before you upright

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