Monday, 13 July 2009

Tangiers 1680 - The diary of Sir James Halkett

This online book looks interesting. Covers the garrisoning of this outpost by a mixed force of regiments. According to the preface Halkett led a combined battalion and is mentioned, with other Officers in " A proper new Ballad, entitled The Granadeers Rant,' " published in 1680 or 81,
There's Hacket, Hume and Hodge, Hey boyes, ho boyes ;
There's Hacket, Hume and Hodge, ho !
There's Hacket, Hume and Hodge,
In Charles's Fort shall lodge,
Hey the brave Granadeers, ho !

Love to know the rest of the lyrics... apparently the same tune as The bold Benjamin. Seems that it is in The Roxburghe Ballads.

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Dom said...

I notice that you link "Charles Fort" in the song to Charles Fort, Kinsale. Could it not be the small work of the same name that was built as part of the defences of Tangiers by Sir Bernard de Gomme..? Interestingly, the young John Churchill, future Duke of Marlborough, served in the Tangiers garrison.