Wednesday, 22 July 2009

From Rohan to Turenne

If you have an interest in the 17thc French army of the earlier times this blog will be of interest to you. It's partly in French but there's a handy translation box to help you. Recommended.

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Sir William the Aged said...

Stéphane is one of my new favorite authors, I got the English translation of his Thirty Years' War book directly from LRT in France shortly after its release. It is an excellent source on the French side of the TYW, with much period artwork.

I have also been corresponding with Stéphane specifically about Turenne's campaigns occasionally since joining the French "Jeu d'Histoire" Forum, of which he is a moderator. Interestingly, by choice Stéphane is a devout Ancients gamer. His primary blog covers several periods, but is focused heavily on his interest in Ancients. Glad to see he has made this venture back into the Thirty Years War era.