Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A couple more Dutch army reconstructions

These large ones are:

Hoofdofficier van de Gardes du Corps once again based on a de Hooghe engraving from 1691 and a drummer of the Regiment Van Wijnbergen

I think these were as Motorway tells me part of a series of reconstructions for Armamentaria magazine by Smits. I can only find some of them - I used to have the artillery ones on a Monmouth website (one of Monmouth's gunners was Dutch). Anyone got any more?

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Motorway said...

At last...after using three browser to check if something was wrong with the Java extension:

Go here:

Next click on the numbers in the 'white picture', under 'the coloured picture'. This seems to work (sort of) for the other plates as well, but then you have to click on the coloured pics.