Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Early Grenadier caps

I've been thinking about this item. Maybe making one. There is some really good quality imitation fur about these days that looks just like the real thing, unlike our early efforts from 1999 with the 1685 Society (see photo - the fur is spoiling what would otherwise be a reasonable look) and I quite fancy trying one. And I don't want to use black bear fur - illegal to import and for what? So if I try to make one what's the shape? I suspect it is the same shape as the dragon bonnet which is basically a long triangle with the end folded back to make a cuff.

Anybody have any thoughts on this subject or any other images of grenadier caps from the 1670s and 80s?


Motorway said...

Ralphus, I found an article about the hats, but it will take some time to translate it. It seems, the hat started with four triangular pieces, probably connected at the corners and next it was folded to a rim, to which fur was added or the later high capped metal front plates.

(Armentaria 15, Grenadiersmutsen in het Staatse Leger 1672 -
1795, F.G. de Wilde)

Ralphus said...

I'd be interested in seeing that - sounds just right what is needed.

andygamer said...

The publishing date for this was 1730, but the cap looks from alot earlier than that:
[It's a link to my flickr account.]

From Johann Jacob Wolrab's "Fascinating instructions in the movements of Military Exercises shown in all stages with the Flintlock, Bayonet and Grenade". (1962 reprint for the Museum Restoration Service.)