Sunday, 12 July 2009

French pikeman

This pikeman from around 1672 - from 'Charles II and James Duke of York in the Gardens of the Guild of St Barbe' here is interesting. I wonder if he is from the Garde Francaises?

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Sir William the Aged said...

It's very possible. According to Curt Johnson in his article for the Xenophon Group, the Gardes Francaises were not "officially" uniformed until 1670, and then in the "gris blanc" coat. They were not changed to the familiar blue with red facings until around 1685. However, according to several sources, including Stephané Thion in his book "French Armies of the Thirty Years' War", the Gardes are described as wearing blue faced red in individual companies as early as Rocroi in 1643. Since this image was painted in 1671, but depicts an event that took place in 1656, it is very possible that the Gardes company present could have worn the blue faced with red. The only other possibility that I know of for a pikeman in a blue coat faced red in 1671 would have been a German regiment in French service.