Monday, 27 July 2009

Killiecrankie 1689

Anniversary today of this battle in Highlands which was part of the Glorious Revolution. Wiki here.
There's an interesting article with battle maps here. The most famous part of that battle was the fact that the new fangled plug bayonets didn't really work against the Highland charge. Of course the battle is also famous for the death of 'Bonnie Dundee' - the image shows some of his arms and armour worn at the battle. Interesting headpiece...a classical helmet?
The colour pic is of the ECWS in 1989 reenacting Hastings regiment at Scone palace. Hastings started life as the Earl of Huntingdon's regiment in 1685 then after Hastings they were Pulteney's and eventually became the Somerset Light Infantry.
Ferdinando Hastings was apparently cashiered for clothing his regiment in cast-off clothing; 'One of the most unscrupulous scoundrels, even in those days of universal robbery, that ever robbed a Regiment.' (Fortescue)

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