Sunday, 12 July 2009

Disbanding after the Treaties of Nijmegen

When was the Royal English Regiment or the 'Old Battalion of Monmouth's Foot' disbanded? If it was mentioned on 28th October 1679 in the London Gazette (love to see the quote) when did it cease to exist? This item is all I can find so far.

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Wienand Drenth said...

As far as I could make up, the Royal English Regiment under Monmouth returned to England early 1678 from French service. On 10 Feb 1678 is was "re-formed" on the English Establishment, comprising two battalions, an old and new battalion. The old battalion seems to contain many officers of the former regiment in French service. It appears that the regiment was disbanded after the Treaty of Nijmegen.
However, it seems to have been re-formed mid 1679 when Monmouth was sent up North to quell a rebellion in Scotland. I base this on a reference from the Calendar of State Papers Domestic from 1679.
The regiment was disbanded later in 1679, though four companies found their way into the Tangier Regiment.