Friday, 9 January 2009

Battlefield Britain - Battle of the Boyne (2004)

Watch it here on Google video
This BBC documentary available on DVD is of interest to me as I was in it! It has a lot of computer simulations in it but they had the basis of using real people to fire the guns and charge about. I was employed by Irish Arms to help out with the training of the Jacobites and some of the musketry. It was all pretty much done in front of a green screen which was bad in some ways as I had taken some Kirke's uniforms over and they had green cuffs so were totally unusable. On one bit I had to be on my knees waving a sword about while someone reared up and down on a horse - it was really frightening and they didn't use it. There was a bit where I was supposedly firing out of an Oldbridge cottage at the Williamite army but I was actually just firing at a green canvas...(see still image above). Anyway worth renting or watching if you have an interest in the Williamite era.

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