Thursday, 1 January 2009

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Been looking at the forum for the League of Augsburg Fighting Talk. It has some interesting threads re Beneath the Lily Banner rules and ideas and so on for the period. Recommended. On the subject of basing for 15mms they say...
no need to rebase. I specifically wanted to avoid that for people wishing to use the rules. The units are made up of 3 x 6 figure firing groups. If you have units of smaller or large sizes just ensure they fire in groups of 6. I recommend basing 15mm figures on half of the frontage of the 28mm stuff so 7.5mm for infantry 10mm for cavalry.Some of the larger figures may have to go on slightly wider frontages but this is NOT a rules critical issue.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there I am trying to identify a painting, quite a large one, which hangs in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, in Dublin. This building is the Irish version of the Chelses Pensioners' building in London and dates from the time of Charles the Second.
Its modelled on the Invalides in Paris and is a fabulous building.
Anyway, this battle painting has hung there for many years in the former British military hospital. Recently it was sent to be restored. It was always taken to be a reproduction of the Battle of the Boyne but the restorer found an earlier date, which rules that out. So now the painting is a bit of a mystery.Would you take a look at it as you might be able to identify the uniforms or flags.
Do you have an email as I find myself going around your blog and being unable to contact you.