Sunday, 18 January 2009

Snaphanne movement

This interesting period of conflict in the 1670s was unknown to me but it might make an interesting wargame. Images here
'Swedish soldiers were ordered to cut the heads off captured Snapphane soldiers and impale their heads on poles set up along the roads, as a warning to others. Despite these terrible punishments, the Snapphane Movement's resistance continued and increased rather than abated. Bloodthirsty forest-dwellers or justified patriots? Which were they really, these mythical guerrilla warriors, the Snapphane of the borderlands?'
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The Loshult raid
Loshult coup is the name of a coup in the early Scanian war when North Scanian farmers managed to steal the entire Swedish war coffers when the shipment had set up camp in Loshult. Overall, there was money and valuables to a value of around 30 000 thalers in war coffers, in today's monetary value will be 70-80 million.

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