Monday, 5 January 2009

les troupes de Sieur Hertel

Some of you have suggested starting a King William's War French Canadian group. So here's my idea...the Miliciens and the odd volunteer from les Compagnies franches de la marine of Sieur Hertel de la Fresniere. They found themselves at the 1690 assault on Quebec city (distinguished himself on every occasion at the head of the militiamen of Trois-Rivières - Charlevoix) . Also could represent the troops of his son at the Deerfield raid of 1704. Sieur Hertel was known as the hero and Le terreur des anglais - he is credited with the invention of Canadian tactics so worthy of tribute.
Look would be capots and tapabords and it would be something reasonably unique. Usual 1690 fusils. Would gain in popularity after the 250th has passed, methinks. Open to anyone anywhere in the world.
I will do some concept art and consider setting up an internet forum.

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