Friday, 16 January 2009

Skirmish gaming 1685

In the Monmouth Rebellion there were a number of skirmishes -not huge numbers but some and therefore I think this period has a great deal of potential as a small scale recreation - maybe a fight for the possession of a village or farmhouse. First of all there is a lot of variety in the weapons, ranging from scythes and sticks to the double-barrelled pistols and carbines Monmouth's Lifeguard were armed with. All manner of firearms... pistols, fowling pieces, matchlocks are all in use so it's never going to boring. Monmouth's cavalry had inexperienced mounts which was a major factor in their poor performance. James II's Horse grenadiers would come into their own with their dual status and dragoons can be used in their traditional role. Because of the records that exist you can have actual names for most of the figures - at least on the Rebel side. The Somerset Militia are another interesting source of gaming fun - they wavered and joined the Rebels after early on skirmishes...they could be unassigned in their loyalty and their allegiance could be decided by dice throws.
Anyway it won't cost too much to try it out. ECW skirmish rules should do the trick. Won't have to paint hordes of the same figure either. Dragoon pic by me

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