Saturday, 31 January 2009

French dragoons (dragons)

Called Dragons in French because of the gun they used to carry made them look like Dragons, or so goes the story.

We heard a rumour long ago before the internet that there was a dragoon reenactment group in France for this period. It turned out not to be true alas. It would certainly be a colourful thing but I suppose as expensive as some of the more glamorous options. French dragoons of this period are perhaps associated with the dragonnades - forcible billeting of dragoons on Protestant families. The picture at the top by Guerard is worth closer inspection as it's thought to depict a forcible billeting. It was a terrible thing for these families but it's a long time ago now. I'm cynical enough to think that would actually make a good scenario for an event - going round a village and forcibly billeting yourself in some poor unfortunate's house. Maybe not. Presumably dragoons weren't the gentlemen of the French cavalry for them to be used in this role being more of the vulgar fellows of the infantry.
Certainly something I'd like see and add to my wish-list of French units.


Bluebear Jeff said...

John Preece ( directed me to your blog . . . and I am very impressed.

There's a lot for me to look through and it should be very interesting.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Jeff put up a link to your blog and I am really glad he did so. I have enjoyed visiting and will visit again very soon indeed.
best wishes

tradgardmastare said...

Hello again! Let me introduce myself. I run two 18th century imaginations on Jeffs E vE blog set up . I have wargamed for too many years and used to be in the Sealed Knot in the early 80's. I got into the late 17th C thru John Childs books a long ,long time ago , firstly thru the army of Charles II. I love d reading about the events of 1688 and what might have been- hence my interest in your Uni of nottingham link. I love dthe warrior 25mm figs of Charles II figs that came out in the easrly 80's but sadly didnt but them . I hads loads of painted/semi painted league of augserg stuff in 25mm but sadly sold it. You have whetted my appetite for this period and I wish your blog great sucess. I latter years I have read quite a bit about the scanian wars and the battle of Lund - an interest I developed when I visited Denmark and Sweden in the early 90's on holiday. I shall place link to your blog from mine to encourage others to visit and see what they are missing...