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Papers relating to Count de Frontenac's expedition against the Onondagoes. 1696

This is pretty damn interesting... fascinating insight into an expedition ... make a great wargames campaign... to give you a taste
Monsieur de Callicres commanded the vanguard, having two large batteaux on board which were two brass pieces mounted, also mortars for grenades, fire works and other necessary ammunition, with the Commissary of Artillery. Monsieur le Comte de Frontenac followed the vanguard surrounded by the canots of his Staff, Sieur Levasseur, Engineer, and several volunteers. The four battalions of militia, stronger than those of the soldiers, composed the main body. Monsieur de Ramezay, Governor of Three Rivers, commanded the entire militia. The rearguard, commanded by Monsieur de Vaudreuil, consisted only of two battalions of troops and the remainder of the savages who brought up the rear. Sieurs de la Durantaye, de May, de Grays et Dumesnil veteran captains commanded the four battalions of troops ; sieur de Suber- caze acted as Major General and there was an adjutant {Mide Major) to each battalion of troops and militia ; sieur de Saint Martin, a Calvinist captain, commanded the Quebec battalion ; sieur de Grandville, Lieutenant, that of Beaupre; sieur le Grandpre, Major of Three Rivers, was at the head of the militia of that government, and sieur Deschambaux, King's attorney at Montreal, commanded the battalion of that place. No officers remained in the country except those whom infirmity prevented undertaking such a voyage ; and with difficulty were any found for the requisite garrisons. Sieur de Maricourt, Captain, led the savages of the Sault and the Abenakis who formed one corps ; sieur Gardeur de Beauvaire, Lieutenant of those of the Mountain and of the Lorette Hurons, and sieur de Beaucourt also Lieutenant, commanded the Algonquins, Socoquois, Nipis & irmens, and the few there were of Ottawas, who constituted another corps.
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