Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Battle of the Plains of Abraham 1759

I know it's Seven Years War but what the heck, it's a really well made film that anyone interested in linear warfare can enjoy, and sadly thanks to today's announcement of the cancellation of the 250th anniversary there's a lot of disappointed people who won't be able to enjoy watching the reenactment, in Quebec at least.


Fraxinus said...

superb clip, Wolfe a Hero from Kent hurrah. Wish I had walked the battlefield when in Quebec 10 years ago it seems its the '250 years war'a shame it has all become political. I was there at the French speaking worlds community development conference in 1998 & my French coleagues could not understand Quebecois easily! & all the young people in Montreal wanted to speak English.

andygamer said...

Contact "tourisme Quebec" (via Google) and let them know that you're disappointed that the threat of violence has seen the event cancelled. If Quebec isn't safe for tourists in Quebec City, then why go anywhere in Quebec?