Sunday, 22 February 2009

Monmouth's regiments

Monmouth set sail from Holland with about 1500 foot arms, 1500 cuirasses, 4 small pieces of artillery, 2oo barrels of gunpowder as well as match, grenades and other necessities such as swords and pistols. On board ship were about 83 persons plus Dutch seamen. A number of the officers were from the Anglo-Dutch brigade, some of whom were tricked into thinking they were going into service with the Elector of Brandenburg.
There were initially 4 regiments of foot each named after a colour.

Red - Monmouth's own. Commanded by the old Cromwellian Samuel Venner with Nathaniel Wade as Major.

White - commanded by ex-regular John Foulkes and Ensign James Fox both from the Earl of Bellasis's regiment in the Dutch service.

Yellow - commanded by Edward Matthews - an ex guards officer and a rake who also had London brewer Robert Perrot who had schemed to steal the Crown jewels as a Major.

Green - commanded by Abraham Holmes, a baptist and ex-Cromwellian Republican.

The Blue regiment was formed at Taunton later on and an Independent Company of the men of Lyme was also added to the list of foot.

Monmouth left behind on the ships 40 barrels of gunpowder and armour enough for 4 to 5000 men.

Photo is me on the right playing Nathaniel Wade and Paul Wiggins playing Ferguson (on the left) for a film for BBC Education 'What was the Pitchfork Rebellion?' I actually had a speaking part and felt really chuffed to play my hero Wade.

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