Friday, 13 February 2009

Drabant 40mm at Old Glory

While on the subject of 40mms thought we should mention Drabant again this time through their UK distributor. Excellent quality miniatures that look worth the £4 but are they too expensive to wargame with? Well too expensive for me definitely but does anybody use these figures to fight tabletop encounters?

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Corporal_Trim said...

Beautiful figures, no question. But as you say, Ralphus - not cheap. But they can be worked in quite nicely as command figures.

Slightly bigger than Irregular (and Prince August for the benefit of other sick people who mix rounds and semi-rounds), but not beyond the range of normal human size variation. I tried an experiment mixing the Drabant French dragoon with Irregular's. So long as you mount the Drabant on a thinner base, it works out nicely. Hence you could have a squadron of Irregular dragoons with one Drabant on each end, thereby disguising the thinness of the Irregular horses.