Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Richard Scollins

Back in the mid 80s when Stuart Asquith was editor, Military Modelling used to run quite a few articles on this period and they were usually illustrated by Richard Scollins (1946-1992) who seemed to have a great affinity with the subject creating realistic figures which in '86 we poured over avidly. If any of you have more send them in...I think they have stood the test of time well. I think he must have worked from photographs - most illustrators do - the figure holding the French flag in the Blenheim page - is that Keith Richards?


Corporal_Trim said...

Always did like those two Blenheim plates. The bird's eye view battle map wasn't bad either.

Fraxinus said...

This artwork has brought back memories especially the Blenheim scenes superb I have some old MM's around and have his illustrations of Dark Age Franks from Sept 1980 also the ECW pikeman from the August front cover. Will put on my site soon and will run some articles on Military Artwork. A famous Victorian/Edwardian military illustartor used to live 5miles away i've just discovered, in 1900, before my time!