Saturday, 7 February 2009

Gorget and sash

Before the internet people used to keep up with their favourite periods by subscribing to home-produced magazines - usually advertised in high street magazines like Military Modelling, A5 in format and produced about 4 times a year. Gorget and Sash (great name I thought) was one I remember for this period being well produced and interesting - I don't seem to have kept any copies though. Does anyone remember this American magazine? I also used to get Bill Protz' Seven Years War magazine that was well-recieved too. Quite a lifeline to specialised knowledge, back in the Dark Ages before the 'net.

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Dur Ecu said...

Hello, Ralph. I do indeed remember G&S, since I was the editor. Thanks for the mention. Coincidentally, I began following your blog a few days ago (as Dur Ecu--which is the name of my blog, begun a few months ago). I still have some archival copies of G&S around here somewhere. It might be fun to resurrect the articles and publish them on Dur Ecu. Keep up the fine work!