Saturday, 7 February 2009

Gorget and sash

Before the internet people used to keep up with their favourite periods by subscribing to home-produced magazines - usually advertised in high street magazines like Military Modelling, A5 in format and produced about 4 times a year. Gorget and Sash (great name I thought) was one I remember for this period being well produced and interesting - I don't seem to have kept any copies though. Does anyone remember this American magazine? I also used to get Bill Protz' Seven Years War magazine that was well-recieved too. Quite a lifeline to specialised knowledge, back in the Dark Ages before the 'net.


Dur Ecu said...

Hello, Ralph. I do indeed remember G&S, since I was the editor. Thanks for the mention. Coincidentally, I began following your blog a few days ago (as Dur Ecu--which is the name of my blog, begun a few months ago). I still have some archival copies of G&S around here somewhere. It might be fun to resurrect the articles and publish them on Dur Ecu. Keep up the fine work!

David Sullivan said...

Followed a link to this post from 6 years ago. It's an oldie, but I thought I'd comment anyway. I love Gorget & Sash (it _is_ a great name for a magazine. It's a shame it went out of publication, but I can't imagine that it's easy to keep a magazine going. I have all but two issues (II.4 and III.4) and I'm always looking on eBay and Amazon for them. I'll eventually get the whole set. There's still magic in these old 70s and 80s era magazines. I blogged about it on I Live with Cats a few years back: