Sunday, 22 February 2009

Monmouth fiction

More Rebellion-fuelled fiction than you can shake a rusty stick at here. Happy reading.


ctabuk said...

Thank you for highlighting my blog - I am indeed the author of the book 'The Adventures of Michael Fane' - Michael began his life in the writings of W Bourne Cooke in 'The Black Box'my great grandfather passed the book down through my family. Ironically W Bourne Cooke created a 'bit' character in that novel named Doctor Temple who was sentanced by Judge Jeffreys to death by hanging. His charge was 'aiding and abetting'the wounded of both sides. Ring any bells? Yes, Captain Blood by Rafael Sabitini.The real fun I had with my version was to 'bump off' Percy Kirke far earlier than in reality. That however, afforded me the opportunity to recreate the character through his son, also Percy.

ctabuk said...

'Sentenced' & 'Sabatini' typo's - my apologies. Typical writer. I do all the initial wordings but someone else edits - whoops! May I say though what an excellent blog this is. I'm writing books 3 & 4 and concentrating on the aspect of Louis XIV's indulgence into 'the occult'- if anyone here has any tales on that aspect that they would like to see included then I will be following it here. Best regards David

ctabuk said...

And just so my many readers can see the more 'factual'side of this topic I have added a page for this blog here.