Saturday, 14 February 2009

Steve the Wargamer's WSS project page

Some really great pieces to read on this blog - a size and price comparison of 15mm War of Spanish Succession troops (very useful), some interesting novels set in the WSS (a sort of Blenheim Sharpe) which I've never heard of before and lots more. Recommended.


Fraxinus said...

It's hard concentrating on just one era I am trying to focus on WW1 & some WSS which has been influenced by Steve the Wargamers blog as its all there fig manufacturers, basing, rules background info I aggree highly recommended to all. Iain Gales books are a good Sharpe like read for the period although the names of the principle heroes Steel & Sergeant Slaughter are a bit cringible!!

Corporal_Trim said...

Nice blog ! The bibliography is a feature. I'll have to look into the Gales book. I'm a little surprised by the G.A.Henty recommendation, the boyish Victorian heroics are laughable in this day and age. Did manage to wince my way through "Cornet of Horse", but I died halfway through "With Peterborough on the Peninsula".

For real period flavor, it's hard to beat "Amiable Renegade". Or De la Colonie's "Chronicles of an Old Campaigner: 1692 - 1717". Available here (if you read in "Other Formats" you can view the original text with illustrations):


Bluebear Jeff said...

Steve's blog has long been one of my favorites.

As for Henty . . . yes he wrote "juveniles" (and they are on the fantastic side) but they are sort of fun if you don't take them too seriously . . . and they do introduce lads to historical periods.

-- Jeff