Monday, 9 February 2009

Sedgemoor battle explained

Pleasant film shot at the site of the battle of Sedgemoor as two experts do a talk organised by the Bridgwater Civic Society. The fellow in the blue, Ian, used to be in my 1685 Society - he knows his stuff alright. Well done.


Anonymous said...

hello, I just wanted to say once again how much I enjoy your blog. And ask a question...would you be willing to make a list of books on the military history of this era? In English or French? Scanian War?Nine years War? Thanks, John

Fraxinus said...

Excellent blog I used to spend summer holidays in a small village not far from Sedgemoor called Stawell and have visited the battlefield but not properly walked it perhaps this year on my annual visit. The remains of RAF Westonzoyland are also nearby which you drive through on the A372 which uses part of the old main runway. The Sedgemoor Inn does a nice Steak & Kidney pie too!

Ralphus said...

Coincidentally Ian, the guy in the video with the blue coat is an expert on that airfield too - he has published a booklet on it which he sells from the same pub you mention.