Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Trelawney's 1685

There's always been a fair bit of interest in the notorious Kirke's Lambs - who started life as the Tangier regiment - but what about the 'New Tangier Regiment'?
The 2nd Tangier Regiment was originally raised by the Charles FitzCharles, 1st Earl of Plymouth in 1680. After his death Charles Trelawney became their colonel.
Extract from wikie. Trelawny entered the army in 1672, receiving a commission in the Royal English Regiment of Foot, raised by the Duke of Monmouth, which served in the French Army in the Third Anglo-Dutch War. On 13 July 1680, he was appointed major of the Earl of Plymouth's Regiment of Foot, raised as part of the Tangier Garrison. (Trelawny's eldest brother, John, a captain, was killed at Tangier in May of that year.) He was promoted to lieutenant-colonel of the regiment on 27 November 1680, succeeding Percy Kirke, and succeeded Kirke as colonel on 23 April 1682. He returned to England upon the evacuation of Tangier in 1684, where part of the regiment fought at Sedgemoor the following year. Trelawny was also returned to the House of Commons that year, as Tory Member of Parliament for East Looe, a seat he retained until 1699.
Biography by John Childs here
Also known as the Queen Consort's Regiment.
Trelawney's brother, a Bishop, gave rise to the famous Cornish song 'And shall Trelawney die?'
Uniform was red coat with yellow breeches and cuffs with yellow lace and brass buttons. White stockings. Stationed in Portsmouth after their stint in Tangier.


Bill McHenry said...


I've just started a new project - a 15mm French army specifically for the War of Devolution and the Third Franco-Dutch War. Do you have, or can you point me to, any specific uniform information on the Royal English Regiment of Foot, Douglas' Scottish Regiment or any Irish regiments? I have a pretty complete package on the French regiments as well as some Swiss and German regiments, so any help on the others would be greatly appreciated. BTW, are you familiar with Irregular's 15mm Late 17th century or Augsburg range? They look pretty good and I have a sample battalion coming. Would you like to see pictures when completed?


Ralphus said...

yes I would like to see pictures. I started this blog thinking I would do something similar - 15mm Dutch wars but drew a blank as to the Dutch and so forth.

Bill McHenry said...


Are you familiar with the Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniform plates on the New York Public Library site (NYPL)? If you go to the main index for the collection there is an option to select by country and there are several useful Dutch, Spanish, French and other plates. Tip: When you get to the site, first click on the tab at the top to "Change Display" and select "Large", this will allow you to see the plate clearly along with any notes or text on the plate.