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British brigade book of interest

Captain Henry Herbert's narrative of his journey through France with his regiment, 1671-3
and, Ane account of our regements marches from the winter quarters to ther entrance in France
Henry Herbert Published in 1990, Royal Historical Society (London)
Herbert was a troop commander in Sir Henry Jones's Regiment of Light Horse, aka
the English Regiment of Volunteer Light Horse - a 505 strong regiment - the colonelcy of which transferred to the Duke of Monmouth in 1673 on Jones' death at Monmouth's side in the action around the half-moon at Maastricht.

Sir Henry (Harry) Jones, of Farmington Manor in Gloucesterhsire was formerly a lieutenant and captain in the Earl of Oxford's regiment of Horse Guards
pic depicting a trooper of 1661

I dined at the Treasurer's, where I had discourse with Sir Henry Jones (now come over to raise a regiment of horse), concerning the French conquests in concerning the French Conquests in Lorraine: He told me the King sold all things to the Souldiers even to a handful of Hay
John Evelyns Diary 1671 Aug 22

It would seem the rank and file were not always English - though there are references to officers come over from France to raise horse and the need for transports for them.

Sir Henry Jones is gone towards Germany (as he pretends) in order to the raising most of his regiment, though the officers are all to be English & I believe old ones that served in the old times
The Despatches of William Perwich: English Agent in Paris, 1669-1677,
Preserved in the Foreign State Papers of the Public Record Office, London

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