Friday, 20 March 2009

New range from Mark Copplestone

Thanks to Clibinarium for alerting me to's the press release...I admit I am pretty excited by these's a first for this era in this scale...should be something well worth investing in - Mark apparently will be at Salute with these new figures.

Maybe it`s my early childhood memories of the creaky, but charming, Tales of Rubovia puppet series ( but the Early Periwig period has always appealed to me. And so a small, but comely, 1665-1680 range - named the Glory of the Sun in honour of Louis XIV, The Sun King, the chief hero/villain of the age. It`s a colourful transitional period - with larger armies in very varied uniforms led by the Great Conde, Turenne and Montecuccoli amongst others. There`s a campaign in Tangiers, an English brigade fighting alongside the French, the rise of Prussia and oddities like the perfidious career of the warlike Prince-Bishop of Munster (whose army included Frankenstein`s regiment). More info and some pics as soon as possible.


Fraxinus said...

Due to work I take my eye of whats happening for a few days(dangerous to do so around Salute!)& loads of new stuff immenently on the horizon the plastics by Wargames Factory & Copplestone (where on his web site?) Exciting times!!! Next year for a Monmouth extravaganza in the Sedgemoor area 325 years since the battle time to orgnaise & get a bit of funding?

Ralphus said...

Work? Don't frighten me... I think the figures are to be launched at Salute. Made a new tag for the blog, The Glory of the Sun 1665-80

Corporal_Trim said...

Great news, Ralphus. Loved the Grand Alliance range back in the day. Really look forward to seeing what he does with this one. I wasn't familiar with Rubovia, might make a good imagi-nation !

While you're waiting, if don't mind having a go at painting 30mm flats, Glorious Empires' "Siege of Maastricht" series is off to a good start. It's light on infantry at the moment, but there's more to come.

(Follow: Figurines/30mm/Louis 14/Siege of Maastricht)


Ralphus said...

you can watch an episode of Rubovia