Thursday, 26 March 2009

Request for team members

Due to the success of this blog I want to broaden the input and get more posts from more people so I have decided to request some Team Members. The comments on this blog have often been better than my original posts which tend to be a bit flippant and more involved with the visual side, so if you have posted a comment or two on this blog then I want you to contribute - send your email address to me and we can get posting.
You might think this blog needs less posts than more but the way I look at it we don't have to post this out - no trees are being chopped down for paper so why edit it? People can always scroll down if it doesn't interest them.

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

I like the change in your "header art".

Keep up the great work. I don't claim that I've read every article . . . but a number of them that I have read have taught me some things about a period that I know very little about.

-- Jeff