Friday, 6 March 2009

Lord Orkney's Regiment

This reenactment regiment is the most successful of all the Marlburian projects in Britain - being the leading lights in most of the tercentenary battles that have taken place over the last few years. Website here. Lots to look at on the subject of the redcoat of 300 years ago.
I am particularly pleased as this was originally my idea! So how do you start a reenactment regiment? First of all think it through. Is there a demand for it? Are there other groups out there you can work with and will you be able to get events, as there's nothing worse than insisting people spend a lot of money on uniforms if they don't get any opportunities to wear them. If you think that there is a case then the next thing is to put the word out - on the web, in specialist magazines, and at reenactment conventions - I've had stalls at these things where talking to people and having 'bumph' available is one of the best ways of getting the word out.
While this is going on you need to source materials, weapons and the items that people will need and of course research is vital - you don't want people making stuff that is wrong.
The next step is to get a meeting going - I've had them in my house with a dozen plus people sleeping on the floor but you could have them at a friendly historic site or pub - while you're all together get some photos - these will be useful for getting events.
Hopefully somewhere along the line you will get an invite to your first public show - could be a small display at a multi-period show where you can charm people into your 'camp' - again photograph'll need images for publicity and websites etc.
If you're pleasant - things will work out. Stick with it and events will come. Be safe, get insurance and good luck!

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