Thursday, 12 March 2009

Del Prado Cavalry though the ages partwork

When I saw the first (at an introductory cheap price) figure - a Marlburian cavalryman of 1704 I thought - I'll buy a dozen - then I found out they were 1/30th - something like 60mm - no use to man nor beast - or wargamers at least. Shame as it looks a good figure - unlike the 'Marshal Turenne at the Battle of the Dunes' which looks a bit naff as we English say and is about 20 quid. Anyone out there buy any? You can still get the Marlburian trooper for about 4 quid on ebay.
There was an inn in my old home town of Frome called 'the Trooper Inn' whose landlord was an old Marlburian can imagine the stories he might have told...

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Corporal_Trim said...

Right, Ralphus. Nice figure, but at 60mm, what can you do with it ?

Along this line, have you seen Peipp's hefty 45mm troops ? Quite nice indeed.

Look under 45mm/Prinz Eugen und seine Ziet. Nice selection of allied generals including the Duke of Marlborough. Useful generic infantry and a new artillery set. Not cheap either though.