Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Copplestone Castings 28mm 'Glory of the Sun'

For the period 1665-80.

I'm feeling the tears well up in my eyes...they're beautiful...I don't usually buy 28mms - being expensive and all that - but these are just what my ideal range should look like in pose, historical detail and flavour - I must have loads of them. Thanks again to Clibinarium for passing this on. Read more here. Buy them from Copplestone Castings.


Corporal_Trim said...

Wonderful. I particularly like the officers.


Fraxinus said...

'Whimper'!!!!Excellent will be ordering as soon as you can on the website. Wonder if these will encourage a flurry of other companies to follow suit? lets hope so!!!

Bill McHenry said...

Magnificent figures!!! Now, why aren't they 15mm? Copplestone's 10mm Fantasy are better than many, if not most, 15mm ranges, so why not make these in 15mm. Its a simple request, really it is...

However, as the "voice of reason" (and since I probably won't get any), there are a few minor challenges that I see:

I will assume (always dangerous) that the one figure in the first picture and at least 4 in the second are meant to be officers or standard bearers; where are the sashes? Easy enough to add with green stuff, certainly, but why? These won't be inexpensive figures so such an omission should be addressed. Also, one would hope for drummers and sergeants as well, although the pikemen could be used for sergeants with a halberd. Also, I suppose you could use the officers sans sash for sergeants, although their appearance is a little "rich" for rankers.

Overall, the start to one of the best ranges I can remember seeing, at least a 9.8 on a scale of 10.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Will they be adding any cavalry? Or will it be like so many ranges . . . just the foot?

That being said, they are lovely figures.

-- Jeff

johnpreece said...

Very nice figures and nice to see more choice for this neglected period.

Am I imagining it or did Mr Copplestone sculpt the Dixon nine years war range, all those years ago? Cetainly some of the later codes from that range would fit right in with these. Always assuming them to be the same size.

Ginzio & ILVJ said...

WOW nice figures! I would agree about the 15MM scale. Although there are few but good companies that make a louis XIV range. Check noble miniatures from the US. they are tiny but really nice.

Anonymous said...

I agree 15MM would be the best. lease check the Nobel Miniatures from US they have a great range for league od augsburg, tiny 15MM but great looking.

Giovanni (from owl bear's lair blog)

Ralphus said...

I think Bill is right about the sashes - pikemen wore them too in this period but one could always add them with milliput/greenstuff or conjecture that they discarded them in the field...but I still like them a lot and am looking forward to grenadiers, cavalry and gunners.

Corporal_Trim said...

"Am I imagining it or did Mr Copplestone sculpt the Dixon nine years war range, all those years ago?"

Yes, the very ones. I do believe the Grand Alliance range was Mark Copplestone's first claim to fame.


Anonymous said...


These look very promising indeed!

Good site.

Any recommendations for uniform info?