Sunday, 22 March 2009


There isn't a great deal of stuff about the later campaigns of Marshal Turenne on the web, apart from a lot about his death in 1675 and his final words 'I did not mean to die today' when he was hit by a chance cannon ball at Salzbach (Sasbach). The cult of Turenne was at its height in the 19thc when followers such as Napoleon rated him highly and made his campaigns required reading for the aspiring generals of France. Ironically I've just reiterated the same pop facts...but there you go.


Bill McHenry said...


Here's a bit more information:

From a pretty good site dedicated to Louis XIV, includes good bio's of Conde and Vauban also:

From the Vauban website:

Hozier's 1885 Biography on Google Books:,M1

From, suprisingly complete:

And finally, if you can find a copy at your local library or bookseller's, General Maxime Weygand's biography, "Turenne: Marshall of France" [1930], is well worth the read. I read it several years ago and should get a copy.


Eric1 said...

Fantastic stuff as usual, many thanks. Please see my latest Blog with Sedgemeoor period conversions. I may have misled you a few weeks back by the word "produce" I should perhaps have said "convert" Sorry.