Friday, 6 March 2009


Another interesting view of military life by N Guerard. If anyone can translate the text I'd be most grateful - can work out some of it, but not all.


abdul666 said...

A squadron fills 60 paces or some of ground when it is at 4 companies, which share it equally for the distibution of barracks, stables and streets. The Standard is at the head of the 1st company as are the kettledrumsif the regiment has such: guarded by a cavalryman sword in hand. Cavalrymen who did not do their duty at put to the Standard, unbooted foot on a stake as punishment. The Standard owning the Right of the Army owns it to the Center, and that owning the Left similarly ha sit to the center ; Streets between the stables are 15 – 20 paces for the coming out of the horses, placing fodder and manure, the horses’ heads looking at the barracks of their masters, which are at 2 paces and opened on this side except those at the head and tail ; the 1st, viewing on the Place of Arms is for the Marechal des Logis [Sergeant], the other for the Brigadiers and Sous-Brigadiers [Corporals & Lance-corporals] has its door towards the tents of the Officers and Vivandiers [{civilian} food-sellers]. The Barracks have 8 feet wide on 10 feet depth, where shelter 5 or 6 cavalrymen.

« An English Foot = 441:470 of a French King’s foot » ; the French ‘pas’ = 2 ‘pieds’ (# 0,624 m : neatly shorter than the ‘Ancient’ passus # 0,74 m)

In the hope that you'll more easily understand my English than the original old French!


Ralphus said...

Many thanks indeed. Very kind of you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about punishing soldier standard in hand...

Corporal_Trim said...

I love those Guerard images. Slyly humorous and there's a real humanity to his soldiers. Like this one: a trooper getting kicked by a horse in the background, some kind of game in progress, pipe smoker relaxing under a tree in the foreground. He brings those old days to life.