Monday, 16 March 2009

King Philip's War documentary trailer

It's possible that if you live in say, Europe that you might not have heard of King Philip's War - or Metacom's Rebellion - there's no big Hollywood movie about it and it might seem a little obscure but it was a very significant conflict in the history of early America and very bloody. The best book I've read on the native side of military developments is The Skulking Way of War - review here. The book details how English militiamen had to abandon European concepts of warfare and adopt native tactics in order to survive. One of the first New Englanders to do so was Benjamin Church who is someone who should be at least as famous as Robert Rogers for his groundbreaking approach to warfare. He published his memoirs in 1716 Entertaining passages relating to Philip's War which began in the month of June, 1675. King Philip's war imagery at the NYPG
Osprey titles that deal with this conflict are depicted.

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