Friday, 13 March 2009

Photos of reenactments at Fulda and elsewhere

Reenactment is like a sand painting - very ephemeral. People get old, lose interest, get divorced, move on - all manner of real life intrusions mean that your precious society or regiment is in a constant state of flux. All you can do is hope to capture the moment in photo form to keep a record of all the effort expended. However it's not that easy...most reenactors are too busy reenacting to have a camera around so it's very fortunate that the 18th century scene in Germany has an ace lenswoman in the person of Kersten Kircher who documents the premier event at Fulda (Schloss Fasanerie) and elsewhere with great skill and artistry. Check out her galleries where you can buy photo cds and calendars. No doubt she'll be at this year's big 250th at Minden...hopefully some of you might be inspired by these images to make it there too.

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