Friday, 13 March 2009

Peipp Miniatures of Dresden

Well I never knew these figures existed. Thanks for that tip-off Corporal Trim. Some pleasant personality figures and soldiers for the WSS in 45mm. Website here
Very neat and quite aesthetically pleasing.
There's also some 54mms for Fehrbellin (1675) if that interests you - does me...they could do for Monmouth.... when my ship comes in.
Also of interest is the Herr des Großen Kurfürsten range which has some great 1683 figures (grenadier photo).
Oh to be rich...(part 2)


Fraxinus said...

Great Figures I especially like general Charles Churchill and the Artillery sets (don't think budget will stretch for the artillery) most tempting

Mads Kofoed said...

First off , i would like to thank you for a great blog i have been following for several months. It is an era i like, and you have presented it well. Sometime i simply will have to paint some more figures in the period.
I am danish and want to paint some danish army in the period 1650 to 1680 and have decided that they didnt have any steelhelmets. But here is prussian army 1675 with steelhelmets. I wouls think that ist is not correct, as the prussian army and danish army was very much alike at this period.

Corporal_Trim said...

Glad you like the figures, guys. I do too. Somewhat chunky and stylized but with an undeniable appeal.

A couple things to note. First, Peipp's figures run BIG. The 45mm are more like 50mm, his 54mm figures are on the large side of that scale as well.

And so far as the mounted 45mm figures go, both horse and rider are individually imposing, but the riders are a bit oversized relative to their mounts. In a way it rather adds to their toylike charm, but some may not care for the effect.

Although you have to deal with a bit of German, the ordering process is simple enough and the Piepps take Paypal. Save a little by ordering "unmontiert" (kit form), we're all accustomed to a bit of gluing. :)


Anonymous said...


Pikemen in the Brandenburg Army in the 1670s still had helmet and cuirass, but seldom wore the helmet in the field, using instead the same hat as worn by the musketeers. The cuirass could also be worn or not.

The Peipp figures represent in fact Brandenburg uniforms based on the series of tapestries illustrating the successes of the Great Elector; however, they were not produced until the 1690s, and represent the uniforms worn at that time rather than the 1670s or earlier. Knoetel, among others, are in agreement that the uniforms on the tapestries are those from the 90s. The justacorps and waistbelt did not begin to appear in the Brandenburg Army until the late 1680s.


Dan Schorr

Anonymous said...

Thank You Dan.
I was thinking of making some danish troops of the 1659-60 and the scanian war using the new warloords ECW fig, but as i havnt found any pics of danish troops using helmets i had intended to wait until there was the promished extra hats. But now i think at least some troops from 1660 could have helmets i can go on.