Friday, 6 March 2009

A Monmouth Convention?

As Friday is my 'think tank' day - how about this one? A summer get-together somewhere in the West with the theme of the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685? Wargamers doing demo games, reenactors doing displays, authors of fiction and historical works could all be present and all manner of interested parties could come along. Maybe a tour of one of the battlefields could be included. Who knows it might generate some public and media interest - it could be quite a thing for the town or village that hosts it. Obviously it would be quite small but it might snowball. Any ideas for the concept are most welcome - it might not happen but you never know...sometimes things work out.


Fraxinus said...

Excellent idea, perhaps expand to include 1660's - 1695 Monmouth Admiral Blake & the glorious revolution a key period in the history of England/Britain. wargames, re enactors & a couple of seminars? I know my way around grant funding which might help.

Eric1 said...

You produce a fantastic blog, many thanks. This is a great idea and I'd like to participate,I'm currently working on some Monmouth period figs in 1:32 plastic, I'll send some photo;s when they are completed.


Ralphus said...

Are you kidding Eric1? Am I dreaming? I love 1/32 plastics and have always been jealous of the Call to Arms ECW figures...even tried converting a few... I'm very excited by the responses about this convention idea. I better start practising my cider drinking (not that I need any) to celebrate.

Eric1 said...

Sounds great, I like cider, If you go to and go to the news section and click on blog, some of the previous issues have ECW stuff. I'll send pics of what I'm working on soon, keep up the good work.