Saturday, 27 June 2009

1735 self-propelled gun?

Thought fans of the paukenwagen might like to consider this bad boy from Anne S K Brown. The text reads
Warhaffter Abriss
1735I. W. B. (artist)
Mezzotint by Gabriel Bodenehr after I.W.B,; horseless gun-carriage manned by 4 men, ornamental scrolled border with trophies etc. and description printed below.

Any ideas what it is?


Sir William the Aged said...

Well, if one of Heinz Guderian's ancestors met one of Da Vinci's descendants and they "What if?"

Honestly don't know, but it looks like it would be a fun model to build some day!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a rival design to Cugnot's Fardier.

Motorway said...

Looks like a joke to me. The guy on the right 'A', is the driver, and next to him the small box the 'engine'!

Also, if the gun is fired, the whole thing will go back again..