Saturday, 20 June 2009

My terrible sculpts

About ten years ago I tried to sculpt some figures for the era of the Glory of the Sun but these were in 40mm and the results were not so glorious but the idea was there and it was to be able to produce infinite numbers so I could have a free source of figures. I realised eventually that I wasn't particularly gifted as a sculptor, but it does help me appreciate the work that goes into designing figures. Nowadays I'd use the Ebob armatures and probably green stuff or sculpey but more likely is I wouldn't bother - there's no room in this medium for rubbish sculptors - unless they want to write a blog.


Motorway NLI said...

These aren't bad at all. I have seen some 'live sculpting' by the Perries in Antwerp and that showed they are very gifted and very experienced, having a level that will take me decades. I like sculpting a lot, even though I am not particulary good at it, and there's nothing wrong with having a go at it. Well, buying figs is fun as well.

Corporal_Trim said...

Don't be too modest, Ralphus. I've seen worse and so have you. Not too bad ! They remind me a bit of Irregular's 40mm.