Saturday, 27 June 2009

Figure from 1676

Not sure who this person is - interesting portrait though. Is he Swiss?
Herr Johann Rudloph Werdmüller Freÿherr &c. der Röm: Kaÿs: Maÿtt: General &c. uber dero Artigleria. 1676
1676 Engraving by Schneider; full-length portrait in uniform or miltitary costume, baton in right hand, pointing with left, perspective view of battle in background


Motorway said...

Well, it's Johann Rudolph Wertmuller obviously, a high ranking officer in the Imperial Army.On the picture he is depicted as Field Marshal of the Artillery.

Another pic here:[gouverneur+de+ville]&searchfield2=&query2=&searchfield3=&query3=#

There's a Swiss Werdmuller as well, but he was in French service.

Anonymous said...

The "Imperial" and the "French" Werdmüller are identical: The person in question is Johann Rudolph Werdmüller, a Swiss from Zürich and an expert in matters of artillery and fortification. He served with the Swedes, the French, the Venetians, the Imperials - and sometimes even with the troops of his own hometown. He was appointed Lieutenant General of the French army in 1655, Lieutenant General of the Venetian Artillery in 1663. In 1673 he was appointed Imperial General-Feldmarschall-Lieutenant by Emperor Leopold I.