Sunday, 28 June 2009

Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great

For those that have been following the announcement of this set and the posts here, our friend Will was nice enough to give us a couple of photos and a mini-review here.

While he says there are a few minor glitches with the set, its still a solid "9 out of 10" when compared to almost any other artillery set, and does have a ton of useful "spare" figures and bits. The infantrymen with slung muskets manhandling wheels (similar to an old Minifigs pose) and crewing the battalion guns will be especially useful in many Lace Wars armies. Pity there's only the one battery officer though, as he's a splendid dismounted fellow with telescope and swagger stick or cane that would look excellent on a command diorama with your General as an ADC.

Our thanks to Will for the quick review and a couple of good pic's of the contents. I suspect we'll be seeing Will's Austrians and Bavarians with some new ordnance shortly, and he's about to wander off through Hesse-Kassel, which will surely need some as well. Thanks Will!


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