Wednesday, 10 June 2009

More Dutch in the Medway images

Frustratingly small I'm afraid - like to see bigger if anyone out there can find them...these are from here.
This poem from here (and much more on Shellinck and the taking of Chatham) is interesting - from Andrew Marvell a satirical 17th century poet
"Black day accursed!............
When agèd Thames was bound with fetters base,
And Medway chaste ravished before his face,
And their dear offspring murdered in their sight,
Thou and thy fellows held'st the odious light.
Sad change since first that happy pair was wed,
When all the rivers graced their nuptial bed,
And Father Neptune promised to resign
His empire old to their immortal line!

Now in the ravisher De Ruyter's hand,
The Thames roared, swooning Medway turned her tide,
and were they mortal, both for grief had died

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