Thursday, 11 June 2009

Painting Worksheet for the Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot

Well, I'm satisfied with my research on the "Maritime Regiment". Thanks to Dan Schorr's help and some additional research that I did, I'm now satisfied with the standards for the Regiment.

I have borrowed a few illustrations from Ralphus's original post and the Essex Militia's web site, as well as details from the 1678 Clothing Warrant from the American site, and have prepared this painting guide that I can simply print out and use when I get ready to do this regiment, which I will be doing as part of the English Brigade that served under Turenne in Flanders.

I don't know if anyone else does this, but when I first started painting large-scale collector's figures, I often worked from le Plumet plates, or those from the Company of Military Historians, or the plates from le Cimier or Knötel. These painting guides are simply my way of replicating that experience, one simple and quick reference that I can tack up right on my painting desk. Really not too difficult with programs like Paint or similar. Anyone who wishes to print this out or download it for their own use (non-commercial only, please) may feel free to do so. The same applies to the plate I posted for the Spanish regiment, "El Morados Viejos", and any future plates that I may post.



Corporal_Trim said...

Nice work, Bill.

Yes, I do likewise with the plates. Painting Macedonian phalangites at the moment and I've got six images at hand, ready reference and inspiration. My wife might say I've carried this to an extreme. I have over thirty 3-ring binders full of pictures and articles from magazines and stuff downloaded from the internet.


legatus hedlius said...

Excellent and very useful. I feel a Copplestone order coming on!