Friday, 5 June 2009

Addendum to My Zvezda and Plastics "Rant"

See what happens when you do just a little more digging? Right after my long post on using the Zvezda and StreletsR GNW figures I found a thread on TMP's "Plastic Figures" board about this re-fight of the Battle of Holocyn, 1708, that was staged at the recent Canadian Convention "Hot Lead". Here's an excellent slide show of the game shot by "Andygamer" on TMP, bunches and bunches of Zvezda and StreletsR GNW figures (and maybe some other conversions or metals mixed in, can't tell for sure). Well worth checking out.

The actual thread on TMP is worth checking out as well, since it includes a summary of the game. You can read it here. I've also been doing some more digging and found a handful of gamer's out there using at least some of the Zvezda and StreletsR GNW figures mixed in with their collections, but Will McNally still gets my vote for his one man effort to utilize plastics whenever and wherever possible, in all periods. I know I gave you links to specific posts on his blog previously, but you should really check out the whole production here. As our friend Steve-the-Wargamer can attest, Will is also a fair hand at writing rules and really "lives the life", putting on convention demo games, writing and distributing free rules (and actually answering questions about them!), and actively participating in club events.



Fire at Will said...

Thanks for the complements Bill

Sir William the Aged said...

They are well-deserved Will. Please keep it up!