Monday, 8 June 2009

Dutch Raid on the Medway 1667

Tomorrow is June 9 - anniversary of the first day of a 5 day raid on English soil during the 2md Anglo-Dutch War. Wiki on the raid here
This detail shows Dutch troops attacking Sheerness Fort.

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old john said...

have been fascinated by your blog for a long time but as yet never sent a comment but your recent items on Dutch Invasion sent me scurrying into my library for the following book
"Suffolk Invasion" by Frank Hussey, published by Terence Dalton Ltd, Lavenham, Suffolk in 1983, ISBN 0861380274, it cover the history of Landguard Fort from its beginnings, naval actions 1667 with captains names, lots of phtos and maps, highly recommended for those interested in the local history
cheers old john