Sunday, 28 June 2009

Yet Another Source For Uniform Plates Online

Many, if not most, regular readers will be aware of Susane's "Histoire de L'Ancienne Regimé" as a source to the history of French Regiments. Some may already be aware of this volume, but I only recently became aware that Google Books also had Susane's illustrated uniform plates online as well, here. The plates above and below are from this series of plates, or planches.

For those not aware already, Google Books may be converted and saved as Adobe pdf files, from which you can either simply view the plates as needed, or (if you like to do your own multi-source plates like I do) the images can be selected and then copied into a program like Paint.

The plates cover the early part of our period for some regiments, primarily the Vieux Corps, the Gardes and the Artillery, and go through the Napoleonic period. The WSS and SYW are covered very well. The plates are attributed to "Philipoteaux", which could be at least one of three different artists. Unfortunately, the volume doesn't specify which, or they could have been worked on by various artists of the senior Philipoteaux's studio. Do a Google search on "Philipoteaux" and you come up with three different artists (including the one who did the famous Gettysburg cyclotron and specialized in the panoramas). Definitely a source worth saving or at least bookmarking for most of our readers!



Motorway said...

Well, that's a bit nice isnt't it? I do have the impression though, that the 1600 pictures are taken from De Gheyn. Do you have sources on the Munster and Dutch in the 1672 period?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Brilliant!!! Well done Sir William... :o)