Friday, 12 June 2009

Glorious Empires: Siege of Maastricht Part 2

While we're on the subject of the Dutch Wars, here are well-painted (not by my own hand) examples of Jacques Vullingh's newly released group of excellent flats for Louis XIV's siege of Maastricht in 1672. These latest figures depict skirmishing cavalry during the opening phases of the siege.

Subsequent groups will cover Louis' royal encampment (Jacques has promised some female camp followers as well), the opening of the trenches, infantry and the siting of the guns. These excellent 30mm castings can be obtained directly from Glorious Empires. Not inexpensive at 2.95 euros, but they'll look quite marvellous together in a small grouping or vignette.


Anonymous said...

Great range. I wish I could afford flats. anyway, any idea of who the bottom figure in grey coat and helmet is soppose to represent - French, Dutch, Spanish or Austrian. All are possibilities.



Corporal_Trim said...

Good question, Dan. He is Dutch, I think. The trumpeter on the right is French Cuirassiers du Roi, only the musicians in this set lack the cuirass. Just the Cuirassiers du Roi are up on the site, the opposing horsemen will be released next month.


Anonymous said...


Thanks. I've been collecting information on Dutch uniforms of the period and the figure does seem to reflect the dress of Dutch cavalry; although, the hat was also worn.