Monday, 15 June 2009

Rob Roy

While on the subject of the '15 I thought I'd post the trailer to this 1995 movie. I liked this film even though I am not inclined to romanticising Scottish history - but the cast and the look of it is quite believable and it must rank as one of the best mainstream movies about the early 18th century. It's not set in the 15 but it's around that time and Rob Roy was around at that time - he fought in the 15 and he was later badly wounded at Glen Shiel in 1719. The brief glimpses of redcoats in this trailer will give you a taste of what could happen in 2015 when we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the rising - well when I say 'we' I mean whoever might still be reenacting in 2015. Rob Roy MacGregor wiki
Watch the Discovery channel's light-hearted documentary with Vic Reeves - Rob Roy; The True Story
Part 2 here, 3 here

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Corporal_Trim said...

One of of my all-time favorites. Tim Roth steals the show as the foppish but deadly Archibald Cunningham, quick as a viper with a small sword.

On learning that he got the servant girl pregnant, he consoles her with these words of sympathy:
"Love is a dunghill, Betty and I am but a cock that climbs upon it to crow". Classic.