Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Poltava at the Hermitage

With the anniversary of Poltava nearly on us this exhibition looks worth visiting.
'Exhibition for 300th Anniversary of Poltava Battle Opens in Hermitage
The exposition dedicated to the 300th anniversary since the Poltava Battle, in which the Swedish forces were defeated crucially and which became the turning point of the Northern War of 1700-1721, will be opened on the 29th of May in the Hermitage, and in autumn will move to the exhibition halls of the Moscow Kremlin.

The exposition will present about 1000 exhibits, including battle-scene painting and graphic art, banners, outfit, equipment and armament items of the Russian and Swedish armies, as well as portraits and personal paraphernalia of the commanders.
Especially interesting are relics directly related to the main heroes of the battle, such as Peter the First’s Transfiguration uniform, which he was wearing during the battle; and Carl the Twelfth’s gala saddle, which was seized by the Russians in the Swedish camp. '

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