Monday, 8 June 2009

Austrian Seven Years War reenactors

Slightly out of the time period of this blog this one but as some of you are SYW gamers I thought no harm done. The thrust of this piece is that there are are some great groups in Europe recreating the army of Maria Theresa. They're getting better each year and I salute their dedication being a bit of a fan of the Austrian troops of the period. Here are the ones I could find on the web.
IR Salm-Salm (pictured) and (pictured)


Corporal_Trim said...

Wow, IR Salm-Salm down to just eight men. Evidently some horrendous attrition during the 7YW.

At least they look to be relatively young men, nothing more unsightly than a lace wars re-enactor unit comprised of old geezers with beards and beer guts. ;)


Sir William the Aged said...

Interesting bit of "mystery" on the Salm-Salm Regiment. There was also a "German" regiment in French service that, according to the Vexillologie Miltaire Européenne flag site and to Susane's "Histoire de l'ancienne infanterie française" became the Reg. de Salm-Salm in 1783.

The regiment began its history as the Fürstemberg regiment in 1668, then became the German regiment de Greder in 1686 (as opposed to a Swiss regiment Greder), the regiment de Sparre in 1716, the regiment de Saxe in 1720, the regiment de Bentheim in 1751, the regiment d'Anhalt in 1759, and finally the Regiment de Salm-Salm in 1783. After 1971 it simply became one of the numbered regiments of the French army.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the later volume of Susane's history which might have given me the colonel's (or Inhaber's) full name, but I wonder if there is a familial connection between these regiments? Perhaps if Curt Johnson reads this he can shed some more light on the subject.


Raia said...

Hi all,
I know well this men from Thirty-years war reenactment.
They are all from Czech republic.
Do you have any questions for them? If yes, let me know on my email , I will contact them.

Anonymous said...

Salm-Salm was a principality of the Holy Roman Empire from 1739 to 1793, when it was annexed by France. It consisted of an area of 200 sqKm with a population of 10,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, its ruler the Prinz of Salm-Salm provided a regiment for Imperial Service and numbered 14 in the Austria Army list, and later Regiment Allemand de Salm-Salm Nr 63 for French service in 1783. I've not been able to determine if both regiments existed at the same time between 1783 and 1793.